When are LLC members subject to self-employment tax?

Limited liability company (LLC) members commonly claim that their distributive shares of LLC income — after deducting compensation for services in the form of guaranteed payments — aren’t subject to self-employment (SE) tax. But the IRS has been cracking down … Continued

Building an on-off switch into your estate plan

The right estate planning strategy for you likely is the one that will produce the greatest tax savings for your family. Unfortunately, there can be tension between strategies that save estate tax and ones that save income tax. This is … Continued

Happy Holidays from Ryan Jorgenson & Limoli

The staff at Ryan Jorgenson & Limoli wishes all of you a wonderful holiday with family and friends.  Our office will be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and returning to normal business hours on Wednesday, Dec 26th.

21st century estate planning accounts for digital assets

Even though you can’t physically touch digital assets, they’re just as important to include in your estate plan as your material assets. Digital assets may include online bank and brokerage accounts, digital photo galleries, and even email and social media … Continued