Why did you decide to become an accountant?

People often ask us, “Why did you decide to become an accountant?” So in the manner of Letterman’s top ten lists, following is a list of the top ten reasons received during an informal poll of a few employees.

10. When I went back to school, I found that I really enjoyed the accounting classes
9. Finding great work in a growing industry was an important factor
8. I enjoy working with numbers
7. Parents suggested accounting while I was in high school, and found that I enjoyed reading and learning more about the profession.
6. Because nobody told me the truth about busy season 
5. While working in cost accounting, I realized that I liked the work and went back to school to obtain my CPA and work in Public Accounting
4. Through the process of elimination.
3. When laid off from work, went back to school for business degree and this profession chose me
2. Followed my dad worked in the family business of Public Accounting
1. The decision was between CPA and a Biker Gang. The danger and allure of the accounting profession won me over.